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Cleaning your roof on your own is possible, but it is very less probably that you will get the same results as theroof cleaning service will provide you. Other than that, it is risky as well to clean your roof by yourself as working in such heights has the danger of getting lifetime injuries.

There are many contractors, who would try fooling you with their sweet tongue that their service is best, and many of them are even fraud, who will not even show their faces after the work is done and you start seeing the problems in a few day. It is better to check the reviews on the web and establishment date of the company.

A roof usually doesn’t ask for the restoration as long as 20 to 25 years. However you can see some signs like the bald roof, rotting shingles or internal water damage problems etc. to get an idea that your roof requires restoration. But we suggest that you getroof inspectionsserviceto have a better idea about that.

Yes, it is possible to paint your roof on your own as well. However it is highly suggested by us to get a contractor for roof painting service, as there are high chances of falling from height while painting your roof. This work requires professionalism and there have been many cases where people got the lifetime injuries. That is why we say that it is not worth it.

It cannot be said that no roof requires restoration, as all types of roofs may require roof restoration after a certain period of time. But there are roof types like metal roof and terracotta roofs, which are considered to ask for the minimal roof restoration, as they are very strong in nature and handles all weather conditions easily.

Usually a roof asks for restoration service after 20 to 30 years, however it is not certain that all roofs will need to be restored at the same specific time frame. It also depends on the roof type, location and the quality of materials used for the making of the roof. It also depends that how well the roof was taken care of.

There is no specific answer to this question as each roof has a list of its own pros and cons. You can research about it as per the weather condition you see in your location. It also depends that what you mean by best, as some roofs are strong, some are budget friendly, some are long lasting, some are energy efficient and some are better in looks.

Maintaining your roof by getting it cleaned from time to time, and getting the roof inspections service on the right time may aware you about the major and minor problems are future coming problems of your roof. This will help you to get your roof restored at the time it is supposed to and save a lot of extra money of yours.

It depends on the maintenance, type and location of the roof. There are different types of roofs which last longer in one weather or another. But just for a rough idea, the roofs which last longer usually compared to the other ones are metal and terracotta roofs. However getting roof repair service at the right time as well may increase the lifespan of your roof.

There are different types of roof, and each one of them has different cost for the installation. The cost of the new roof totally depends on the size of your house, type of the roof you want, quality material of the roof and which contractor you have hired for the job. You can compare the prices of different roofers in your area for roofing services, to get an idea about it.

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